Broadband quality in Coaley

Coaley Parish Council is aware that many residents are unhappy with the quality of their internet connection. We are conducting this survey to find the extent of the problem. You do not have to answer any question but the more information we have the better.

If you have broadband problems it's wise to make sure there are no problems with your router, wireless network setup and telephone wiring in the house.

BT have some guides to help you Check your wiring and broadband set-up.

Ofcom offer this advice for Broadband and landline faults and problems.

If you're happy with some technical detail, the instructions on the Increase Broadband Speed Guide will ensure you get the best possible connection speed.

This is useful to see if there is a problem in a specific area.
We need this to know which exchange you are on. No need for the area code.
Have you ever complained to your ISP about poor internet download speeds?
You may already have measured this. If not you can use this speed test (opens new window/tab). If you can please run several tests at different times to see how the speed varies.
This is often much higher than the speed measured above. You can find this out from your router configuration page. Don't worry if you don't know how to access it.
Do you use the internet to work from home?

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